Terra-Core Amazon Rating

As the owner of a physical therapy practice for over 30 years I have tried hundreds of new products.  One of my referring physician’s asked me to take a look at the Terra-core fitness trainer. After researching the product I decided to try it out. When the Terra-core trainer first arrived I was immediately impressed with the quality of its construction and the stability afforded in its design. The platform on which the air bladder is mounted on is extremely stable and it does not slip or move even when engaging in plyometric exercises.

Throughout my years of practice I have used air filled exercise balls and discs to engage the core and challenge balance during functional activities and exercises. The unique shape and design of this product allows full body support yet challenges and engages the core in a safe manner when lying on your back or stomach. Doing so you can engage the core with simple arm or leg range of motion exercises. Progression into postures that challenge dynamic stability on your hands and knees, kneeling or standing make common exercises such as squats and bicep curls more advanced engaging the core during the activity.

I have incorporated this product into my daily practice and expect to do so for years to come.  I would recommend this product to any athletic training or physical therapy clinic.  With patients being advanced into independent home exercise programs I can also recommend this product to do more dynamic exercises at home. I can foresee the Terra-core being the central piece in a fitness instruction class.

I give this product a five star recommendation without reservation!
Jim Modera PT
Owner of Finger Lakes Physical Therapy Sports Care PLLC

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