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Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care will soon be celebrating our 20th year anniversary. Jim Modera and his staff have served the communities and regions surrounding Geneva by providing advanced rehabilitation techniques, preventative care and, most importantly, effective outcomes for all orthopedic related injuries and post surgical rehabilitation.

At Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care all patient care plans emphasize self-help and home exercise programs, which are integral parts of the rehabilitation process. Jim Modera has extensive training in manual therapy techniques to accelerate the healing process. Whether the need is to increase mobility or stabilize an injured area, Jim will employ massage, joint mobility, myofascial release and/or taping. These techniques allow the patient to prevent further injury while continuing daily activities.

When it comes to work related rehabilitation, Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care offers a comprehensive approach. Ergonomic Evaluations and Work Site Trainings offer an employer the opportunity to avoid work related injuries. Functional Capacity Evaluations provide an accurate assessment of a worker’s ability to return to work safely and effectively. Advanced rehabilitation techniques, including Aquatic Physical Therapy and Cold Laser Treatment, ensure a positive outcome for all orthopedic related injuries.

Clinical Staff

James Modera

  • Physical Therapist, Director and Chief Physical Therapist at Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care
  • Graduate of University of Buffalo
  • Certified Functional Capacity Evaluator, Ergonomic Evaluator

Jim Modera has been practicing physical therapy since 1985.He opened Finger Lakes Physical Therapy in 1987. Jim has advanced post graduate clinical training in a variety of orthopedic treatment philosophies and specialties including ergonomic evaluations, functional capacity evaluations, acupuncture, myofascial release, joint mobilizations of the spine and extremities, McKenzie training for the spine and extremities, and manual therapy techniques which include muscle energy, joint manipulation and medicine training therapy. Jim has given work site trainings and job site assessments for many local businesses, industrial facilities, and offices. Jim has been hired by power plants, chemical plants, law offices, medical offices and telephone companies, as well as a number of other offices and production facilities, to provide injury prevention seminars and ergonomic recommendations.

In addition to extensive training in the science and application of physical therapy techniques, Mr. Modera does what all good health practioners do; he cares for his patients and works for positive resolution of their pain and dysfunction.


Office Staff

Joelle Jensen

  • Administrative Assistant/ Billing Specialist

Joelle is a lifelong resident of the Finger Lakes region. Her professional and friendly manner makes it easier for our patients to schedule appointments and understand insurance procedures.