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To my community of friends,

I have been able to put into practice that which I love for 33 years-
running a private physical therapy clinic. Since selling my clinic I
have taken the time to contemplate my next venue of service.

I need to be clear at this time. I have not left the game. The
structure of my practice in physical therapy has changed. I no longer
have a physical building in which I run a typical practice. I am however
working on delivery options of my expertise to the community. They are
as follows:

  • Work site consultations for the prevention of injury and general
    wellness of the working population. This will include ergonomic
    evaluations, safety training to prevent musculoskeletal disorders and
    work site physical therapy interventions.
  • Telehealth orthopedic physical therapy consultations done at a fee for
    service rate for people that are unable to or prefer not to leave their
    home to go to an outpatient facility. Many years of self-directed PT
    evaluations and treatment plans have enabled me to go through a thorough
    evaluation and create treatment strategies that people can do at home.
    Home visits available if necessary and upon request.
  • PT practice coverage / consultations for per diem coverage of physical
    therapy practices (fully credentialed with most insurance companies).
  • Continuing education classes for both physical therapists and fitness
    professionals (personal trainers/fitness instructors/sports performance

I am currently working on a new website to showcase these services. I
will keep everyone posted.

All the best
Dr. Jim Modera DPT

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