Working Smart in the Yard

This is the time of year we are starting to get outside and begin some spring activities. Yard work, lawn mowing, gardening etc. can lead to injury if not done correctly. Jim gives advice on lifting techniques for spring cleaning, proper lawn mowing and gardening advice to get you started this season.

Computer Ergonomics

Ergonomics is defined as “the study of how people interact with things in a safe and efficient manner.” This month, Jim talks about work-site layout including how your computer and monitor are situated, how you should be sitting to be considered ergonomically-correct, and the benefits of using “computer glasses” instead of bifocals. Ergonomically-correct sleeping postures are covered this month, also!

Direct Access to PT / The Weekend Warrior

February’s topic is direct access to physical therapy. Many people are unaware that in NY State most insurances allow you to see a physical therapist without a referral from your physician! Physical therapists are qualified to measure function and impairment, screen for pathology and refer to a MD. Jim also touches on sedentary lifestyles and how to avoid injury from overdoing on the weekends.

Full Time in Geneva / New Years Exercise Resolutions

Finger Lakes Physical Therapy has expanded availability for patient treatment in our Geneva clinic. We will soon be offering exercise classes that will help people prepare for an exercise program based on their individual situation and needs. This month Jim gives advice on keeping your New Year’s exercise resolutions.

Exercise Prescription / Work-site Ergonomics

This month Jim talks about exercise as medicine. Physical therapists know the dosage and frequency of exercises that should be “prescribed”. Jim also talks about the mechanical issues of injury and how to avoid exacerbation of chronic issues while at the work site.

Post-Surgical Rehab / The PT and the Patient’s Roles

Jim specializes in orthopedic physical therapy which addresses musculoskeletal injuries. Rehabilitation following orthopedic surgeries has improved over the years due to more skillful and invasive surgeries and physical therapy techniques. This month Jim talks about the patient’s role in his/her rehab program.