Sports Care

Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care has been providing highly qualified athletic trainers and physical therapists for local high schools since 1995 offering first aid and onsite injury assessments at all varsity home games.

Finger Lakes Physical Therapy and Sports Care provides onsite athletic injury assessments and preventative seminars in the Geneva community. Jim Modera has experience in treating athletes of various ages and levels of athletic competition, ranging from 9 year old gymnasts to star NHL hockey players. All the coaches and parents trust that when they bring their athletes and children to our therapists they will receive useful advice and an accurate assessment of the athlete’s injuries.

Sports Care Programs:

  • Onsite Athletic Training Services to High School, Collegiate, Sports Organizations
  • Student Education Programs
  • Free Athletic Injury Screening
  • Extensive experience in providing both athletic training and sports rehabilitation
  • Sports injury prevention seminars

Athletic Training Program Service:


The purpose of this program is to provide local school systems with a Certified Athletic Trainer or Licensed Physical Therapist who will consult, educate, and assist coaches and students with first aid, evaluation, management and prevention of athletic injuries.


  • Work in conjunction with school physicians and attending emergency personnel
  • On-site emergency evaluations and procedures at contracted games and practice
  • Application of appropriate first aid for athletic injuries


  • Determine the extent and general nature of an injury
  • Communicate to coaches and parents the nature of an injury
  • Assist with communication between coaches, parents, athletes and physicians regarding injury care
  • Assist in referral to appropriate medical services
  • Free evaluation and consultation with a physical therapist from our facility when requested


  • Coordinate athlete’s rehabilitation between the athlete, coach, parent, physician and physical therapies
  • Assist athlete in pre and post participation through:
    • Taping, bracing, padding
    • Warm-up and cool-down exercises
    • Application of appropriate modalities


  • Evaluation of sport technique as it relates to the athletic injuries
  • Documentation and analysis of injury trends
  • Consultations with coaches including design and implementation of pre-season training programs and pre and post participation exercises
  • Assist coaches with the design and selection of appropriate prophylactic pads and equipment
  • In-service educational programs for coaches, athletes and parents
  • Preseason screening of athlete.


Emergency evaluations and first aid will be provided at Finger Lakes Physical Therapy during normal operating hours for those times when your athletic trainer is not at your school and your the next scheduled session does not allow for effective injury care.